A Guide to Men’s Boots

Girls have a lot of options in foot wears: heels, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, flats, etc. I could go on and on. But boys, no. They have limited options and have to figure out what suits them the best. There are some very specific things that differentiate a man and a boy. A shoe is one of them. Remember “Indiana Jones”, “The good, the bad, the ugly” “Australia”, etc. what do these movies have in common, the hunk men with dusty boots. The mens boots are very smart, usually very Texan and tanned and very sexy on feet.

Here’s a guide for shoe shopping for mens boots:

  1. Leather slip on boots:

This type is for the men who like to dress up; your party kind of shoe which can be paired with woolen slacks or dark denim. While these may not be recommended for winters, it will definitely protect your ankles in the chilly weather. The price for these shoes ranges from $350- $500 and they are available in all leading brands and online shopping websites.

This is a classic suede type of boots. It is in the cross of casual and formal boots. The basic way to figure out whether its chukka or not is to check out its stitching and the three types of leather used. While many men seem to frown when told to choose suede over leather, as suede is not hard, I would suggest that it is a myth. Try going for thicker suede as it will be as hard as leather on some level. Try pairing these with your work clothes and casual pants to see the best results. Price ranges from $120- $170 and it available in your local/ branded stores as well as online websites.

  1. Full Grain Leather boots:

These mens’ boots are a little expensive as they have luge soles. This boots can be worn in bad weather conditions as they will protect your feet very efficiently. Looking for protection with style and great looks? The Wolverine 1000 is the right full grain leather for you if you’re for spending. These can very well protect your ankles and suit any attire you wear. The price ranges from $375- $450 and is available in branded stores or likely online.

  1. 6” Round toe boots:

Going for an American look? This is the right one for you! You cannot go wrong with the classics. These have a long life and are very popular currently and easy to wear to work. This will provide you will all the safety you need but will be a little difficult to dress up with as its sole stands out.

Finally, what pants can you pair your boots with? You can either wear them with pants right over the ankle or you can cuff your pants.

In the end, looking stylish is all cool but being able to walk comfortably should be your outlook.

Happy Shoe Shopping, boys! Oops, men! Well, never mind.

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